ISO 45001
Changes to Safety Management System Standards

Target Health and Safety Skills assists businesses who are replacing the now redundant OHSAS 18001 safety management system to the most recent ISO 45001 system.

The ISO 45001 provides business with a framework to implement strategies to help prevent the injury and ill health and more generally create a safe workplace.

Why implement a safety Management System

Based on the latest statistics available, in 2016 there were 45 fatalists in Irish workplaces. A staggering 632,000 workdays were lost in 2016 due to workplace injuries. 

With these figures in mind, it’s clear why a system designed to limit the chance of injury can be extremely beneficial to a business.
The benefits of implementing the ISO system includes:

  • The system provides a practical framework to identify and control risks
  • The system helps identify areas and opportunities to improve OH&S performance
  • Helps reduce the risk of accidents occurring
  • Staff and the stakeholders in the business can engage in the identifying and implementation of positive improvements
  • OHS is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the business's overall plans and strategies

Target Health And Safety Skills