ISO 45001
Changes to Safety Management System Standards

Target Health and Safety Skills produces safety statements for businesses and organisations. Our Written safety statements are produced in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act of 2005. 

Unfortunately, many companies have cheaply produced, generic statements that don’t properly reflect the real risks and dangers present in their place of employment. As these risks aren’t identified, proper risk reduction measures cannot be implemented. 

Target Health and Safety Skills produces a professionally drafted safety statement, that includes:

  • A Site-Specific Risk Assessment
  • Safety policy
  • Practical Controls
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Engagement

Target Health and Safety Skills’s Services Include:

Based on the latest statistics available, in 2016 there were 45 fatalists in Irish workplaces. A staggering 632,000 workdays were lost in 2016 due to workplace injuries. 

With these figures in mind, it’s clear why a system designed to limit the chance of injury can be extremely beneficial to a business.
The benefits of implementing the ISO system includes:

  • Provides a professionally drafted safety statement that provides a site with a professional framework, which ensures safe working organisations, that are relevant to your company processes and activities
  • Practical control measures
  • Employee training on the newly introduced safety systems
  • On-going support (If required), safety management and auditing

Target Health And Safety Skills